These glasses, which have not yet been released on the market, are starting to make new envy of future users but also the anger of some. The Google Glass project created by Google is preparing an extraordinary advance in technology. But now, they will not come out before 2014 as many gaming establishments have already sounded the alarm by informing players that this type of technological instrument will be banned from entering casinos under the risk of a ban. permanent.

These new glasses will not be welcome everywhere! We will therefore not have the opportunity to see the new Google glasses at LAS VEGAS. This rule mainly applies at the moment in the State of Nevada.

Any computer component, tablets or any device capable of making video recordings or taking photos are strictly prohibited within the premises. The Ceasar Palace is one of the first casinos to have sounded the alarm siren there.

Note also that the new glasses have a mini camera and a Bluetooth connection. Enough technological means to give a lot of ideas to future cheaters.

We have therefore understood, in the context of compliance with Nevada law, these glasses will not be welcome.

“The law regulating gambling in Nevada (as in other states) prohibits the use of a computer or device capable of making films while gambling. As a result, we cannot allow our customers or guests to wear the device while playing. “There have been a lot of incidents across the country where people have used computers or hidden cameras to count cards, or keep a record of them, primarily for the game of blackjack. “Once caught, they were jailed,” said a school official.

It goes without saying that the casinos have good reason to fear that small programs allowing to calculate the statistics where information related to a type of game such as blackjack for example could compromise the gaming table.

This news will not be surprising in itself since the casinos do not want to risk entering a zone of conflict between the chances of games which are linked to chance and the players present at the table who could themselves also suspect possible cheating.

This measure is applied in order to preserve the tranquility of the customers but also the security of the establishment. Whether you are a table player or outside the table game.

While waiting for the future avalanche of confidentiality concerns that these new outstanding glasses could compromise, this confidential object amuses as much as it intrigues.

Las Vegas casinos to ban Google Glass

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